We accept applications for PhD positions throughout the year!


Please have a close look at our website to see if the research of our IMPRS principal investigators fits your interests. We require you to include the specific research areas and / or the specific PI(s) you would like to work with in your application!


Please download the pdf file that contains a list of documents we ask you to include in your application. Please work with the list thoroughly and make sure to have assembled all necessary certificates / transcripts / documentation / reports before handing in your application!


Please send your collected documents as one pdf file to imprs@mpzpm.de.


Please ask two referees to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf to imprs@mpzpm.de. Those two letters will be collected in the coordination office and added to your application documents. Only afterwards your application is complete and will be sent to the scientific evaluation committee.


*Please note that we do not accept applications from students who are already working on their PhD project for more than six months!

*Also please note that your personal data will be stored only for application purposes. According to the German privacy law all data of unsuccessful applicants will be deleted after completion of the selection procedure.

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