Partner institutions

IMPRS Principal Investigators

UKER / Dermatology

FAU / Computational Biology

FAU / Molecular Medicine

UKER / Biology of dendritic cells

UKER / Pathology

FAU / Biophysics

FAU / Dynamics of cellular identity

FAU / Medical Physics

MPL / Biological Optomechanics

UKER / Trauma Immunology

FAU / Biochemistry

MPL / Cellular evolution

FAU / Pattern Recognition Lab

UKER / Paediatric Oncology

MPL / Physical Glycosciences

UKER / Internal Medicine

UKER / Motor neurone disease

MPL / Nano-Optics

MPL / Nano-Optics

UKER / Rheumatology and Immunology

MPL / Microendoscopy

FAU / Physics Underlying Life Sciences

UKER / Intergrative tissue biology

MPL / Neuroregeneration

UKER / Biology of stem cells

FAU / Mathematics in Life Sciences

MPL / Biophysics and Biological Light-Switches

UKER / Intestinal cell migration

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